Open webOS ported to the Google Nexus 7

Open webOSWe previously saw Open webOS 1.0 ported to the Google Galaxy Nexus almost immediately after the first stable build of the operating system was released. Since then the operating system has been ported to a variety of different devices. The pace of the development has been quite impressive when you consider the platform has only been around for three months.

Most recently the developers have managed to port Open webOS to the Google Nexus 7. What's interesting is that the developer behind this port has taken only two weeks to port it from the Galaxy Nexus version and that the port is able to run without being connected to a PC. You are however required to tether your device to boot it up, but it can later be unplugged from the desktop.

Considering that the port is still in an early alpha stage, it is impressive to see how smooth the performance is. Hopefully we will continue to see the operating system ported to more devices and have it running on some for day to day use.

sourcewebOS Nation

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