Nokia has sold 4.4 million Lumia Windows Phones last quarter

Nokia LogoThe smartphone market may be dominated by iOS and Android, but Nokia fans will be happy to know that the company has managed to defy the odds by selling 4.4 million Lumia devices in the last quarter. The figures may not match the market leaders, but it is still impressive and Nokia is reportedly happy by the figures which have “exceed expectations”. Its shares have also surged nearly 20% in pre-market trading following this news.

Along with the 4.4 million Lumia sales the company has also had success in their Asha series. Check out Nokia’s Q4 2012 sales break down below
  • Mobile phones (read, feature phones): 79.6 million
  • of which Asha full-touch phones: 9.3 million
  • Smart devices: 6.6 million
  • of which Lumia Windows Phones: 4.4 million
We are currently reviewing the Nokia Lumia 920 following a review of the Nokia Lumia 820 and both devices have really impressed it. There are some clear advantages on the Windows Phone platform over Android and iOS, even through we would like to see Windows Phone continue to grow. While Windows Phone 8 is clear reason why the platform has seen a 52% increase compared to the previous quarter we also feel the innovative features on the Lumia series could be greatly attributed to the platforms success.

Nokia looks to be positioning itself back in third place in the smartphone race. The year ahead will continue to be competitive with BlackBerry 10, Firefox OS and Ubuntu Phone OS joining the race. Microsoft especially will have to work hard at keeping Windows Phone ahead and continue to work overtime to try and get ahead of iOS and Android.

source - Nokia

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