[Guide] How to root the Samsung Galaxy Note II for Verizon after I605VRALL4 software update

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2The Samsung Galaxy Note II on Verizon recently received a software update which is expected to have fixed the Exynos exploit which allowed users to root and unlock the device. This means that your recently updated device will no longer be rooted. 

However the developer community was quick to respond and have found a way around the update. This means that you can still unlock and root your Samsung Galaxy Note II, even after installing the I605VRALL4 OTA software update.

[NOTE] The method includes the TWRPbootloader, but you can download and flash the latest CWM (ClockworkMod) onto your device once you are done.

[DISCLAIMER] Rooting is not recommended unless you are fully aware of the risks of doing so. You can loose data or have a bricked device if you don’t follow this guide properly. Please proceed at your own risk.

  • Download and install Java on your computer
  • Windows and Linux are currently supported but Mac users will have to build Heimdall 1.4.1 RC2 from source
  • Make sure you have a stock version of your operating system installed on your Galaxy Note II.
  • Enable developer options on your device and make sure that USB Debugging is switched on.
  Guide (For Windows)
  1. Connect your Galaxy Note II to your computer using the provided USB cable
  2. Download ODIN and extract the files on your desktop
  3. Download the BAV Baseline. This will prepare your device for the root exploit and ensure we have root access if you have not enabled any exploit blockers. You will flash this with Odin the first time CASUAL asks you to flash a file. This is a bone-stock VRALJB kernel from Samsung. Do not uncompress. This gets flashed with Odin as-is.
  4. Download the Back Atcha Verizon jailbroken bootloader + recovery. In order to flash this, you must use the exploit first. This is the last thing that gets flashed Do not uncompress. This gets flashed with Odin as-is. This bootloader was created by Elite Recognized Developer Ralekdev and packaged by AdamOutler.
  5. Download and run CASUAL. You will be guided through the steps by the CASUAL tool.
  6. Once the device has been recognized by CASUAL click continue and your device will be rebooted.
  7. Run ODIN, click on Bootloader and select the the SuckItVerizon.tar package.
  8. Meanwhile the device will boot into an unsecure download mode
    • Select Up to continue
  9. Hit Start on ODIN and wait for the process to complete
  10. If the process is successful your Galaxy Note II will display options to install the the files you need to root.
  You can learn more about the root process and discuss any issues you come across by following the source link below.

sourceXDA Developers (Adam Outler)

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