HTC HD2 receives a Windows RT port

The HTC HD2 is a very popular smartphone among developers and despite its age, it has had Windows Phone 7Android 4.1 and Windows Phone 8 ported to it. The WP8 port to date was the most surprising to us, especially considering Microsoft’s claim that current Windows Phone 7 hardware was incapable of running their latest operating system.

Now developers have managed to top their previous feat by porting Windows RT to the HTC HD2.

The developer has posted some photos of the port on Twitter and while we would have liked to see how the device performs under the strain of a full operating system we are very impressed by what this hardware has been able to do over the years.

The HTC HD2 was launched before Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 with a 4.3-inch touch display, 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and a  1GHz single-core processor with 576 MB of RAM.

While this mammoth hardware of its time was capable of running Windows Phone 7, Microsoft decided that they would only release their new platform on new hardware, citing the hardware keys on the HD2 as the reason for it not receiving the port.

The developer community has embraced this device since then and we have seen several operating systems ported to this legendary device. Along with seeing the latest versions of Windows Phone and several versions of Android, the device has even had Meego and Ubuntu ported to it.

No device has still seen this level of support form the developer community and we can only wonder how long it will be before the HD2 hardware is finally unable to take another update.

sourceCotullaCode (Twitter)

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