Skype for Windows 8 and Windows RT officially announced

Microsoft has officially announced Skype for Windows 8, which will reportedly be integrated into Microsoft’s new operating system. The app will run in the background and automatically sign you in when the device goes online. The new Skype has been optimized to protect your battery life, and you can continue you video and audio conversations on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Watch the following video demonstration of Skype on Windows 8

Skype for Windows 8 has been redesigned to support the new Windows Modern (Metro) UI, allowing you to easily pin a Live tile to your home panel for easy access to your latest notifications. You can snap Skype to the side of another app to carry on a conversation on your Windows 8 tablets while running another task.
Even though Windows RT will launch with a very small collection of apps, you can be assured that Skype will be one of the apps already available to you with the Microsoft Surface RT.  


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