[Rumor] New Nexus device coming in just 30 days with Android 4.2 on board

New Nexus device
A new rumor suggests that Google is set to unveil a new Nexus smartphone in just 30 days. The device is said to be powered by Android 4.2, which is reportedly already appearing in server logs. While the source does not reveal information about the upcoming device, they have stated that it has already leaked online.

While there is still no hard evidence to backup these claims, there has been recent information which supports this rumor.

Also the Google Galaxy Nexus is nearly a year old, which would generally indicate it is time for a new Nexus device.

Reports also suggest that Google has partnered with several manufactures this time around to release more than one Nexus device so me see the Samsung Nexus, LG Nexus or even the HTC Nexus revealed soon.

While none of this information has been made official, its always exciting to see what Google brings us to take on the newly released Apple iPhone 5.

sourceAndroid Authority

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