Is Nokia working on Windows 8 tablets

There have been many rumors circulating about Nokia working on Windows 8 tablets, but there has been very little evidence to backup these reports until now. Some recently revealed patent documents show that Nokia has already filed patents for tablet designs at the US Patent Office, back in March 2011.

The first one resembles the unibody design we have grown accustomed to on the Nokia N9 and the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920. We expect Nokia was planning to use this for a rumored Meego tablet which was in their roadmap. The second design is more traditional and looks like something you would commonly see in today’s tablets with curved back and rear edges.

Its highly unlikely a Windows 8 tablet from Nokia will make it to the first lineup of Windows 8 devices, but we wouldn't mind seeing a device appear sometime in the near future.
Would you like to own a Lumia style Windows 8 tablet? Or do you have your eyes already set on the Microsoft Surface RT? Share your thoughts on Nokia’s patents below.

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