[Windows Phone app] PayPal

Paypal for Windows PhoneThe PayPal for Windows Phone app is now officially available for download. PayPal for Windows Phone allows you to manage your PayPal account directly on your Windows Phone device.

You can download the app directly on your device through the Windows Phone Marketplace or by using the link which follows:

Download Download from Windows Phone Store
Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 7.5; Windows Phone 8.0;
Windows Phone 8.1
Press the Search searchbutton on your Windows Phone, tap Vision vision and then scan the following barcode by pointing your device camera toward it
Download using QR app

We were actually surprised to see PayPal appear on Windows Phone 7.x, especially since Microsoft has abandoned the platform in favor of Windows Phone 8 which shares a common core with Windows 8.


The PayPal for Windows Phone app brings a solid set of features, which will allows users to request money, send money and check your balances. With the PayPal Local feature, you can check out the merchants near you, who accept PayPal payments in their stores.

When Windows Phone 8 is released, you will be able to enjoy the added benefit of NFC enabled devices.

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