Jolla Ltd. will develop MeeGo smartphones in future ?

Almost every Nokia fan will know of Meego, and Nokia's failed attempt  to bring it to the mainstream. The Linux based operating system coupled with the hardware of the Nokia N9 made the combination highly desirable, but it failed to pick off because of Nokia's commitment to the Windows Phone platform.

But this may not be the last we will see of Meego. A Finnish startup company called Jolla Ltd. will develop smartphones running Meego. Whats more important is that the team at Jolla are made up of the core staff behind the design of the Nokia N9.

Marc Dillion who has several years of work experience in Nokia as the Principle Engineer for Meego now brings his talents to the Jolla Team as its new Chief Operating Officer. The company is working hard at building its base and hiring Meego talent to contribute to the restart Meego production.

So this bit of news will surely excite any Meego or Nokia N9 fan, especially those who are not happy with Nokia's decision to go with Windows Phone. We will follow this story and keep you covered on anything new that surfaces

source - GSMArena

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