[iOS app] If Alarm Clock

iOS_IfAlramClockSome of us who use our iPhones as alarms may be content with the stock alarm clock which comes with the device. But the Apple store is filled with Alarm apps, which means there are many of you out there looking for something different. The If Alarm Clock app for iOS is different. Instead of just telling time, It is an app which is aware of what's going on around it.

You can download If Alarm Clock for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly through the Apple App Store or by using the link which follows:

Download If Alarm Clock - Digital Nomad
Price $ 1.99
Requirement iOS 5.0 or greater

The alarm clock app is capable of checking things like weather, sleep states and sleep time. The app later makes reports based on your sleep habits which can help you track your habits for good or bad sleep patterns.

[NOTE] It is important to note that the If Alarm Clock app requires the device to remain unlocked in order to work properly. It also analyses user’s motion detection which may cause your battery to drain faster than usual.

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