Palm Pre on Telcel receives (1.4.5) software update

Palm Pre on Telcel receives (1.4.5) software updateThe Palm Pre on Telcel has been updated to webOS 1.4.5. The Pre has been on webOS 1.4.1 for a long time now so it's quite a surprise that an update has found its way to this device.

While the chances of getting webOS 2.0 or higher on the original Pre are far from likely it looks to have taken two years for Telcel to release the 1.4.5 update for their Pre handsets.

The update brings improved PDK support, browser text field focusing, fixed podcast downloads and some security patches. While these features are in no way impressive to modern smartphones, anyone who is still holding on to an original Pre on Telcel will surely appreciate the update.

source - webOSNation

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