Metro Based Firefox 14 development begins

Firefox for Windows MetroYesterday Mozilla released Firefox 11 and also started development on Firefox 14. The unique aspect of version 14 of the Firefox browser is that it will be the Metro UI based Firefox for Windows 8.

Mozilla's has adopted a rapid release schedule to compete with Google's Chrome and major versions are released very quickly as a result. While this results in fewer new features in each release it also means that bugs are irradiated quickly.

Firefox 14 is still in a very early stage of development abnd doesn't feature any Metro features, but this should change as the product evolves. Mozilla has shared their update schedule which expects the final version of Firefox 14 to be available by July this year.
  •  2012-03-13: Nightly Merge
  • 2012-04-24: Aurora Merge
  • 2012-06-05: Pre-Beta feature sign-offs
  • 2012-06-07: Beta 1
  • 2012-06-14: Beta 2
  • 2012-06-21: Beta 3
  • 2012-06-28: Beta 4
  • 2012-07-05: Beta 5
  • 2012-07-11: Beta 6
  • 2012-07-13: Release Candidate
  • 2012-07-17: Final 

If you want to test out Firefox 14 and contribute to the development process you can do so right now by heading over here

NOTE - Firefox 14 is a pre-release software which is still in it's alpha (pre-beta) stage of development. Please note that pre-release software should not be used for day to day activities as it may not operate optimally.

NOTE - Pre-release versions of Firefox can be installed alongside your stable build, but both versions cannot be used  at the same time.

source - Mozilla

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