Nokia E6 - First Impressions

Its been several months since we have reviewed a Symbian device with the Nokia X7 being the last on our review table. Now once again thanks to Nokia Connects we have the Nokia E6 and like every good review we start off with our first impressions.

The First Impressions will cover a quick hands on with the device which will be followed by an in depth review at the end of our trial time with the device. Our review unit comes dressed in white and silver giving it a look of class and sophistication and has a look similar to that of the popular Nokia C7.

The E6 has a BlackBerry style portrait QWERTY keyboard and has dedicated shortcut keys to the Messaging, Home, Calendar, and Contacts right in front. The device also features a front facing camera which can be used for video calls on Skype.

The E6 can be charged through it's standard charging port or by using the microUSB cable. Its microUSB port along with it's microSD port are protected from dust with plastic covers. There is an indicated LED cleverly hidden alongside the microUSB port cover which lets you know when you are connected to your computer.

The back of the device looks quite similar to the Nokia C7 or Nokia Astound. It has a metallic plate protecting the battery and SIM card and above that you will find the 8 megapixel camera,  dual LED flash and speaker grill.

The Nokia E6 runs Symbian Anna which is a great leap forward from the frustrating days of comparing Symbian with Android or iOS. Symbian has always been a mature operating system and Anna takes in one step closer to being as user friendly as it's competitors.

The Nokia E6 with Symbian Anna looks to be the perfect combination of hardware and software for a business user. But are users still interested in the hardware QWERTY keyboard or are they content with the full touch experience?

We will be sure to take the E6 through a comprehensive review with the hope that there is still place in our hearts for the once great Nokia E-Series.

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