HP TouchPad successor in webOS future?

Following the all-hands meeting at HP today, there seamed to be some clarity on the future of WebOS. HP CEO Meg Whitman decided that the mobile operating system would be open sourced, but didn't give any indication that the company would follow up with any WebOS hardware. However during a follow up sit-down interview she confirmed that HP hopes to produce more hardware though it would likely only be by late next year or early 2013.

Could this also include a successor to the HP TouchPad?

The hardware would definitely be tablets as she ruled out the possibility of the company returning to the smartphone market. The plans of bringing WebOS to printers and appliances will also be delayed at this point.

The first goal for the company is to decide how to best manage WebOS. While HP does plan to keep most of the team together, some employees will have to seek other opportunities as a result of the new strategic goals.

sourceThe Verge

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