PlayStation Portable will get PS3 Remote Play

PlayStation Portable will get PS3 Remote Play
Sony may not have been very successful with the PlayStation Portable in a gaming market dominated by Nintendo's offerings but is set on getting back on top with the PlayStation Vita (PSV). Now the Vita is in a market where it has to compete with mobile gaming which has taken the world by storm. But Sony is planning on trumping the competition with the claim that the PSV will offer PlayStation 3 level gaming in the palm of your hand.

The PSV will have to compete with more than gaming consoles, as mobile gaming has evolved to become extremely popular the Vita will have to live up to it's claim for high quality gaming.

One of the features the Vita will have will be to play normal PS3 games remotely according to a report from EuroGamer. This ability will be offered through an update to the PS3. The downside is that it will only be playable in a 480x272 resolution which will be up-scaled to fit the higher resolution.

On a plus note, this wont affect future games which will run at 480p which is much better suited for the 960x544 resolution screen on the Vita. So its evident that Sony wants to target the current PlayStation owners with the Vita release.

Are you interested in getting your hands on one of these devices? Or are you happy playing portable games on your mobile devices while leaving the heavy duty game-play to the traditional consoles. Share your thoughts on the upcoming PlayStation Vita in the comments section below.

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