Grand Theft Auto V - Official Trailer

It's official. After announcing the game on October 25th via Twitter, Rockstar Games has released the first trailer of the most popular game series - Grand Theft Auto 5.

The GTA Series origitaed back in 1997, but it wasn't until 2001 with the release of GTA III that the game captured mainstream attention. The open world game play allowed the player to explore and do anything they wanted which broght about a new era of gaming that we see in most games today.

Since GTA III Rockstar can continued to improve on the GTA franchise, offering the player more gameplay and features in every iteration. In GTA IV we were offered very high quality graphics and gameplay in a huge world and it looks like Rockstar is going to work on improving the gameplay quality and content once again, as you will see in the trailer.

The gameplay is set in fictional Los Puerta which looks to be based on Los Angeles, California which is a change from Liberty City (New York City) which the game is generally centered around. Overall graphics look amazing and we see that the developers have continued to improve the quality of the game. Instead of just buildings you are presented with scenic and picturesque areas in play in. The trailer even hints at Carl Johnson (CJ) making a cameo in GTA V.
There is no said release date at this point, but we can expect it to be available sometime at the end of 2012 hopefully. The XBox 360 and the PS3 should be the first to get a taste of GTA V but who knows, maybe the next generation of consoles are what Rockstar is eyeing with their newest GTA iteration.

What do you guys think about the newest GTA game ? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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