Kyocera Echo - Gingerbread update fixed

Kyocera Echo - Gingerbread update fixedSprint rolled out the Gingerbread update for the Kyocera Echo on August 1st, but faced problems when the update bricked some phones. Sprint has now released a statement claiming that they had addressed the issue along with Kyocera.

Along with updated your handset to Android 2.3, the update brings support for pinch-to-zoom, enhanced gaming and improved power management. The power management is offered through the Eco Mode app which allows you to set a point where you would like to conserve power on your device. The settings affect the Screen timeout, display brightness, wallpaper, auto-sync, haptic feedback and screen rotation.

If you are a user of the Kyocera Echo, let us know if this update has worked for you and if you had issues with the previous update leaving your phone bricked.

source - Sprint

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