Motorola Xoom will receive Android 3.2 soon

Motorola Xoom will receive Android 3.2 soonThe Motorola Xoom would probably be one of the first tablets to receive the Android 3.2 update according to a recent tweet from the company. The update has already begun rolling out for Wi-Fi devices and will be made available for Verizon users in the coming weeks.

Stretch apps to fill screen on Android 3.2The update brings features like screen compatibility mode, which optimizes the way apps for the phone version of Android is displayed on the tablet. A new 'Zoom to full screen' feature will allow apps to be optimally re-sized to fit the larger screen.  With the tablet only apps in the Android Marketplace being very few this is a very welcome feature.

The other major improvement is support for smaller screen sizes like the 7 inch tablets. It also enables full support for the SD card slot on tablets.

If you have received this new update already, please share your experiences below in the comments section.

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