Download OS X Lion Wallpapers Here

Download OS X Lion Wallpapers HereApple released OS X (Lion) 10.7 a couple of weeks ago, which includes 250 new features and enhancements. The new operating system comes two years since the last major release and borrows from the success of iOS adding innovative and useful features to the desktop operating system.

The new features include LaunchPad which simulates the applications grid interface on your iPhone and your iPad; Enhanced multi-touch support which allows your to access your operating system with a series of new swipes and gestures; A new version of FileVault which encrypts external drives; Resume which allows you to continue your work where you left off, even if you switch off your computer; Autosave and Versions which ensures you never forget to save your data and maintains your file versions allowing you to switch back to an old version of your file.

You can buy the new version of OS X Lion from the Mac App Store for $29 or get a physical copy on a USB drive for $69 in August.

The of the eye catching enhancements are the brand new wallpapers. You can download the wallpaper set using the link below courtesy of RedmondPie and apply it on your PC or Mac computers. The collection covers scenes depicting plants, landscapes and nature similar to those found in older versions of the OS but with a flavor of Lion. The download also contains some older wallpapers which range from those found in OS X Leopard all the way back to 2001.

Download the compressed file and extract it to a folder of your choosing. If you are using a PC you can simply apply the wallpaper by 'right clicking' the image and selecting to 'Set as desktop background' or 'control' and click on your Mac desktop to select a wallpaper for your Mac.

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