Apple WWDC 2011 - OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and more...

Apple WWDC 2011 - OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and more...

The WWDC 2011 keynote has just concluded, and Steve Jobs was present to unveil some exciting things to come from Apple:

Apple OS X 10.7 Lion

OS X 10.7 Lion is the 8th iteration of OS X and brings the best features of iOS to laptops and desktop Macs. Lion will have over 3000 new features and will be available exclusively through the Mac App Store for only $30. OS X 10.7 features include full screen apps, improved email and safari browser, Air drop file sharing, improved auto save, Mission Control and the integrated Mac App Store.

Apple iOS 5

iOS 5 was also previewed during the event. The next iteration of iOS will be available for all iOS devices starting from the iPhone 3GS. iOS 5 focusses on an improved notification system, new camera features, PC free device setup, wireless sync and iMessage among many more features.

Apple iCloud

Last but certainly not least: iCloud, which will feature free email, calendar and contact syncing services which were previously $99 for MobileMe subscribers. Additionally iWorks, iPhoto and iTunes have also been taken to the cloud, allowing users the ultimate wire free experience on all their Apple based devices. Even Windows users will get a taste of iCloud.

All these new goodies from Apple will be available in the Fall of 2011.

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