Motorola Xoom receives Android 3.1 software update

Motorola Xoom receives Android 3.1 software updateThe Motorola Xoom users have received Android the Android 3.1 update for their HoneyComb tablets. Verizon users will have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy the updates available in the latest version of Android HoneyComb.

The update finally brings USB hosting support, which allows you to connect USB devices like a mouse or keyboard to your tablet. The only problem is that the Xoom has a microUSB port, so you will have to have an adaptor to connect your USB peripherals onto your device. You can also resize certain widgets. This allows you to see more data on the widget according to your liking. The recent apps are now not limited to 7 and instead you can view and scroll through your entire set of apps which you have left open. Last but not least is the movie rentals from the Android Market, which allows you to select movies starting at $1.99 and costing $3.99 for newer titles.

Other than for these features and some performance improvements and bug fixes, there are no visual changes in the Xoom's experience. The microSD card slot on the device has still not been activated and the performance could still use some improvement.

Check out the following hands on video with the Android 3.1 for HoneyComb:

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