HP webOS Event

HP webOS EventThe HP WebOS event is underway and everyone is eagerly awaiting the reveal of the first Tablet to run WebOS - The HP TouchPad.

The event kicks off with Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President of Personal Systems, presenting HP's achievements over the years in the production of computers, laptops and printers and how their acquisition of Palm has invested in the development of Palm devices and the development of WebOS 2.0.

Next on Stage is John Rubinstein from Palm who talks about Synergy, webOS' cloud synchronization service. Which automatically updates the data on your device to the cloud. He goes on to speak about the great reviews WebOS has received from CNet, Engadget and other laptop magazines. He also states that WebOS 2.1 will be the most important update to date, and that the Pre2 will be available for pre-order from Verizon tomorrow.

The HP Veer is demonstrated, a smartphone which is around the size of a credit card. The Web Browser allows the full web experience including full Adobe flash support. The device is slim but capable of playing 3D games. The device can even act as a mobile Wi-Fi router for up-to 5 devices. This device will be available in early spring.

Next device to be presented is the HP Pre³ (Pre Cubed) which is aimed at the professional user. The Pre³ features a front facing camera and has full multimedia capabilities. It will be available in two versions offering the same as the HP Pre 2 has to offer.'

Next is the device we have all been waiting to see. The HP TouchPad. The device features a 9.7 inch display, weighs 1.6 pounds, supports video calling with it's front facing camera. It is powered by a 1.2GHz dual core processor and has twice the memory of the Pre 2. The TouchPad features application fragmentation similar to that of Android 3.0 which allows you to take advantage of the large screen real-estate and deal with multiple applications at the same time. The device works well with the WebOS Synergy Cloud synchronizing system. Through Synergy the HP TouchPad can connect to your HP printers.

Sachin Kansal comes on stage and demonstrates the seamless synchronization between the HP smartphones and the TouchPad: When you receive a text message on your smartphone, you can view it on your TouchPad and even reply directly from the TouchPad itself. There is more, you can even call that person back, right from the TouchPad. It has a one touch feature which makes "complicated bluetooth setup really simple".

The UI looks to be an upgrade of the WebOS 2.0 UI and features stacks similar to that on the smartphone.

The EMail is demonstrated next with the inbox appearing on the left.

A Full version of QuickOffice will be included which will allow you to edit Microsoft Office documents.

Web video is demonstrated. The device supports both HTML 5 and Flash based videos on it's browser. There is a link on the bowser which helps you easily switch between your email application.

Messaging integrates all emails and IMs from your web accounts such as Yahoo, Google and AOL, ensuring that you dont have to switch around to access what you need quickly

The device also demonstrates seamless integration with social networks such as twitter.

The photos applications allows you to sync with all your social network accounts to bring your photos from Facebook, PhotoBucket and Snapfish, directly to your device. You can even post a photo to a social network of your choice without having to leave the photo app.

Next up is a demonstration of the reading capability on the TouchPad.

The Amazon Kindle app is available for the Touchpad allowing you access to tons of books directly from Amazon.

Calling is demonstrated. The device is very efficient when switching between audio and video calls.

Rubinstein is back on stage to introduces gaming on the TouchPad with a video from the Dreamworks CEO, Jeff Katsenberg. The TouchPad will feature games from Dreamworks at it's launch.

The Wi-Fi version of the TouchPad will be available in Summer, and followed by a 3G and 4G version later.

The presentation switches to the processor: The Snapdragon from Qualcomm and introduces Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs to the stage. He talks about the partnership between HP, Palm and Qualcomm and about his company's contribution to the mobile industry.It is not somehow convincing me how Qualcomm and HP's partnership really makes the TouchPad a strong competitor in the tablet market.

Rubinstein is back with music media mogul Jimmy Lovine, promoting Beats Audio Technology by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. He talks about how Beats contributes to improving the quality of sound in headphones, speakers and overall sound quality. HP looks to be taking a stand at wanting to 'own music'. I have to be honest here, HP is probably the worst I have used when it comes to laptop speakers, and I wouldn't be looking to buy a Beats enabled laptop when I know that I can get a good sound system at a lower price from one of HP's competitors. NOt even with Lovine's guarantee that HP's laptops offer a studio like experience.

Rubinstein is back again to introduce Steven McArthur from HP to talk about third party apps.

Facebook for WebOS is apparently the highest ranked app in the market. He goes on to speak about the integration and sync capabilities of this app.

He speaks about other apps and games and the WebOS multi tasking capabilities.

He also speakes about Kandutech, a company which is based around WebOS and created by a 14 year old developer named Conner LaCombe.

The TouchPad will feature a music app, have access to the HP Movie Store, and have a choice of e-reader applications including the Kindle app.

Next Randall Rothenberg, Chief Digital Office from Time, Inc demonstrates the People Magazine and TIME Magazine on the TouchPad. He says that the TouchPad shows David Packard's spirit of innovation. According to Time's research it is predicted that 1 in 5 adults will own a tablet by 2014.

Todd Bradly is back again and says that HP is planning to bring WebOS to other devices, including printers and some new form factors.
" Our commitment is to extend the WebOS experience across devices for our customers, and creating the broadest ecosystem to our partners."
and the biggest news yet: WebOS is coming to PCs . I can't even how many devices that would cover if businesses decided to switch to WebOS as there PC platform. Does this put Windows at risk, I dont know. But windows continues to demand high end computers, it looks like they will have to think hard about competing with this mobile operating system competition that is at a continuous rise.

The event finally ends with music...

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