Android Concept - The Phone of Tomorrow?

Android Concept - The Phone of Tomorrow?Since the launch of the iPhone back in 2007, Phones have started to take a very generic shape. Fewer buttons, a  large capacitive screen and some of these features that make up the smartphone of today.

For months, the contour curve of the Nexus S was probably the most creative look I have seen on a device, until I saw a concept android device.

smartphone or tomorrow

This tri-flip device titled the 'Flip Phone' makes use of Samsung's flexible AMOLED screens and can be molded into a triangle prism of sorts. Check the video of this concept device in action below:

I would be glad to see manufactures take more effort to deviate from Apple's iPhone design but I don't think we will see mobiles take this shape in the very near future due to cost of manufacturing. But who knows, a few years form now, this could be the devices we will be using.

sourceKristen Larsen | Engadget.

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