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DJ’s Mobiles is a tech website which offers the latest information on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.You can read reviews, browse and compare specifications and find the best deals to buy the products you are looking for.We at DJ’s Mobiles review products differently. By offering the user a comprehensive video and written hands on experience with the device allowing you at home to know if the device is right for your everyday use.If you are looking to get the maximum out of your device, we can help you jailbreak your iOS or Root your Android devices with our illustrated step by step guides.
I am a tech enthusiast, tech consultant and the owner of DJ’s Mobiles. I’ve have always been passionate about technology and found this site as a great avenue to share my passion.I have around fifteen years experience in the tech world which stemmed from building computers and over five years experience in mobile technology which started off as an interest in Nokia phones.
Outside the tech world I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, travelling and spending time with family and friends.