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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to set Project Spartan as your default web browser in Windows 10 Technical Preview

How to set Project Spartan as your default web browser in Windows 10One of the highlights of Windows 10 build 10049 was the Project Spartan web browser. The upcoming replacement to Internet Explorer offers a “new web browsing experience for Windows 10” and takes advantage of the latest web standards with a new Edge rendering engine.

Those who use Spartan on a regular basis, will likely want it to open web pages by default whenever clicking on a web link. When Windows 10 is released this summer, Spartan is expected to be the default web browser.

For now you can use the following guide to help set Spartan up as your default browser.

In order to make Project Spartan your default web browser:
  1. Click on Start button and navigate to Settings
  2. Open Settings and tap on System;
  3. Select Defaults and select the currently select web browser; 
  4. You should be able to select Project Spartan, and apply it as your default  web browser.
Keep in mind that Windows 10 Technical Preview is still in developmental stage, so you may expect some compatibility issues as of now and some features or settings might not work as expected.

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