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Google maybe planning a major GMail redesign

GMail for Android
With Microsoft set to make some big announcements at the BUILD 2014 conference, Google maybe getting ready to unveil something of their own. Some new screenshots have emerged showing what seems to be a fairly major Gmail redesign

As you will see in the following screenshots, the UI is taking on a much cleaner look. Gone are the subtle lines that separated each of the items in the hamburger menu, the contact icons are no circles instead of squares, and simple designs for the various tabs. And, on that front, it looks like Gmail will soon be a new tabs to go along with Social, Updates, Promotions, and Forums, which will be: Travel, Finance, and Purchases. As you can also see, there is a new "pin" feature at the top of the screen, which will allow you to keep certain messages at the top of your Inbox. There is also a new "snooze" function, which will mark an item as read for a certain period of time, then it will revert to unread.

These are all definitely interesting new features. We wonder if the changes will be announced as part of the next version of Android.

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