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Apple launches cheaper iPhone 5c with 8GB in select regions

Apple iPhone 5c

Today Apple will be launching a cheaper 8GB variant of the Apple iPhone 5c in select market around the world. The iPhone 5c was released alongside the Apple iPhone 5s around six months ago, but has not seen a flurry in sales. Apple clearly hopes that releasing an even cheaper variant of the plastic bodied iPhone maybe a solution to this issue

Apple planned to use the colorful iPhone 5c to win over new users in emerging markets, but the high pricing of an Apple device with a plastic body didn't bring the demand that Apple had hoped for. It is still not clear if the cheaper price and the lower memory configuration can increase the demand for this product.

The 8GB iPhone 5c will cost £429 off-contract (£409 on O2 UK) and will be available in the same vibrant colors. Its important to note that the iPhone 5c is a aesthetically-modified Apple iPhone 5, which was the company's flagship, less than a year ago.

The 8GB iPhone 5c is currently available for purchase in select European markets such as UK, France and Germany, Australia and China. Unfortunately this model is not available in U.S. and Canada Apple Stores when we published this post, and it is not clear if Apple plans to offer this device in the US market. We’ll update when or if it does appear.

It is also important to note, that despite the discount price, the Apple iPhone 4s, still remains the most affordable smartphone in Apple's lineup at just £349 off-contract . Even though the iPhone 4s is older than iPhone 5c, we still feel many users will prefer its metal and glass design to the cheaper materials used on the colorful iPhone.

source - RedmondPie
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