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Nokia reportedly testing the Normandy and other unannounced phones in India

India is a nation which has been loyal to the Nokia brand, and it looks like the manufacturer has been using the country to test some of its upcoming handsets. Since early February, a website that hosts a database of Indian import and export data has been unveiling several unannounced Nokia handsets.

These devices are reportedly being shipped to India from China via Delhi Air Cargo, and are supposed to go through testing and evaluation. Among these are devices named RM-980, RM-964, RX-115, RM-977, RM-976, RM-978, RM-974, RM-990. Their market identities are kept in secret, unlike those of other Nokia phones in the database, which are mostly Lumia models currently on sale.

Out of these, the RM-980 has already been exposed as the Android-running curiosity Nokia Normandy, while the RM-976, 977, and 978 are the first dual-SIM Lumia phones. Along with them, there are two very cheap phones that catch attention. One is the RM-1013, which has a per-unit-value of a measly $101 (INR 6282). The other is labeled RM-1030, and it costs only $28 (INR 1759). The only thing we know about the two phones is that both have touch-screens.

We are very curious to see what Nokia has planned (with Microsoft) in the months ahead, and we should know more as the MWC.

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