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Friday, February 21, 2014

Apple iOS 7.0.6 released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple has released the iOS 7.0.6 software update which is being pushed OTA (over-the-air) and through iTunes to compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. According to the changelog this is a security update which provides a fix for SSL connection verification.

Along with iOS 7.0.6, which carries the build number 11B651, Apple has also pushed iOS 6.1.6 for older devices. Apparently, the impromptu update is for security reasons, providing an SSL connection verification fix.

iOS 6.1.6 (build 10b500), offers the same security fix, and is now available for those running the somewhat antiquated iPhone 3GS or 4th-gen iPod touch.

The SSL connection verification issue must have been deemed urgent enough a problem to warrant this rather surprising update, particularly with iOS 7.1 reported to be just around the corner.

While you can easily download and install the update OTA, you can also manually download and install the update using iTunes, which is always recommended for those who choose to jailbreak their iOS devices.

Download iOS 7.0.6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
The update seems to be performance based with no new features. However please feel free to leave us a comment if you come across anything new.

[JAILBREAK] If you want to Jailbreak your device on iOS 7.0.6, please check out our guide on How to untethered Jailbreak your iOS 7.0.6 device using Evasi0n.

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