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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Angry Birds game with new birds coming soon from Rovio

New Angry Birds

Rovio is working on a new Angry Birds game and they have decided to give their fan a little tease of things to come. The game publisher has sent out a tweet which says that a Big Adventure with new birds is coming soon

Rovio has Angry Birds Star Wars II which offers fun gameplay with includes the telpod teleportation feature. The company even released a different type of adventure for the birds with Angry Birds Go! - a free kart racing simulator which uses in-app purchases to bring the developers revenue.

Whether the new Angry Birds game will follow the footsteps of the current games or offer a whole new experience is still to be seen. Based on the teaser image, we have a sneaky suspicion the new title will be linked to the Rio 2 movie.

source - AngryBirds (Twitter)
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