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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 receive 7.55 firmware update


The Nokia Asha 308 (RM-838 & RM-852) and the Nokia Asha 309 (RM-843 & 844) are receiving the 7.55 firmware update. The improved firmware brings updated apps, better stability, improved features and enhanced performance to both devices. The update is being offered FOTA and through the Nokia Suite.

The software update availability is region specific and it maybe awhile before it reaches your device. You can find details on how to install the updates here.

The update has the following new features and improvements compared to the 5.80/5.85 software versions:
  • Improvements to call quality, phone memory management and video playback performance
  • Manual display brightness control added
  • Updated versions of Nokia Xpress browser, Maps, Chat, Twitter and Mail applications
  • eBuddy, Nokia Nearby, Notifications and Internet Telephone (Nokia VoIP) applications added
  • General performance & usability improvements
[NOTE] If you are updating the firmware using Nokia Suite, make sure you update your Nokia Suite to the latest 3.7.22 version first. You wont get all the application updates unless you do. You can download the latest version of Nokia Suite here.
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