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Sep 162012

The Apple iPhone 5 is now available for purchase and we recently set out to answer the question if you should purchase the new iPhone by looking at five reasons not to purchase the iPhone 5.

The more technically sound audience would also be interested to know that the Apple A6 processor which powers the device has now been benchmarked and some of its features have been revealed.

The most important question we expected to be answered was the number of cores on Apple’s A6 processor. It seams that Apple may have kept the CPU at dual-cores instead of upping it to a quad-core processor. Anyone expecting a quad-core CPU on the iPhone would probably have to wait one more year.

The processor is said to have been designed by Apple and Apple_A6_Chip_575pxdoes not use the Cortex A15 architecture, and uses the 32nm process. The processor has been likely optimized to run at different speeds to best suite the customers requirement.

The other question was regarding memory, and it looks like the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM compared to the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 which have 512MB. The DRAM is clocked at 1066MHz and has a 8528MB/sec rate which is 33% more than the iPone 4S which was 6,400MB/sec.

For anyone disappointed that the new iPhone doesn’t have 2GB of RAM like the Samsung Galaxy S III, it is important to remember that Apple has optimized iOS to run with lesser RAM compared to Android.

You can read details of the analysis of Apple’s A6 chip on Anandtech.

sourceAnandtech | Anandtech