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Aug 212012

Chrome OS has been updated with a new stable release keeping up to its promise of speed and simplicity. The new released brings many new features and improvements and one feature which stands out is the newly redesigned apps list for Google’s Chromebooks and Chromebox devices.

The apps list makes it easier to access your favorite websites and apps. The new design makes it more compact, allowing you to access your apps without interrupting your browsing experience. A search feature has been included into the app list making it easy to filter your favorite sites or apps from your computer for easy access.


Other improvements include a redesigned Cloud Print dialog, the ability to add custom wallpapers, the ability to save files directly to Google Drive, audio support for USB and HDMI, additional sandboxing security features and several other bug fixes.

Do you own a Google Chromebook? Have you received the latest update? Let us know your impressions in the comments section below.

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